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Webinar Poll Results: CP Management For Subsea Assets

26 Oct

We are excited to share with you the success of our most recent webinar on CP Management for Subsea Assets that was held on the 11th of October alongside discipline experts from Fugro and was attended by various operators from across the globe. We would like to thank all the attendees for their contribution.

The webinar included a series of questions prepared for the attendees to show the growing need for optimized subsea inspection, maintenance and repair programs using a combination of specialist inspection technology and data analytics to provide significant cost savings.

The results of the questions that were asked to the attendees are illustrated in the graphs below.

The results demonstrate that there is still room for improvement and optimization in CP management for subsea assets using a data-driven approach.

The COVID-19 outbreak has again highlights the need for cost efficiencies, as operators struggle to manage the backlog of repair and inspection campaigns. Of the cost-efficiency levers left available, the prospect of digitalisation is perhaps the one with the greatest potential.

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