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Veracity Watchkeeping – The Digital Surveillance Application

28 Oct

“Watchkeeping” tasks consist of daily equipment monitoring and plant surveillance routines, which are a crucial part of efficient, safe and reliable operations. We often find out that surveillance is poorly executed, and results are rarely analysed. A digital solution via AIE’s mobile application, Veracity Watchkeeping, has successfully replaced the legacy paper and pen approach with many of our clients.

Veracity Watchkeeping is configured to ensure the system captures all the required data digitally by standardising the monitoring forms for each asset included in the program. Data is geo positioned which provides surety the task was completed. Online data capture allows for real-time communication of results to management, and effective data analysis to optimise maintenance plans. Graphical trends are represented on Veracity’s dashboard, enabling the early changes in operating conditions and providing a better chance to predict upcoming failures.

Our customers have already seen a dramatic increase in their workforce performance, reduction in critical plant failures and a host of wide-ranging optimisation opportunities.

We are implementing watch-keeping across all industry sectors from Dams in the mining sector to complex production systems in petrochemical plants.

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