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Veracity Watchkeeping: Revolutionising Data Reliability in Mining Operations

27 Mar



Implementing independent, time-based preventative maintenance programmes has demonstrated to be statistically ineffective, with most asset failures still occurring randomly. Emerging equipment failures are often detectable, and therefore avoidable if early signs of failure are identified and mitigated.

With the increasing demand for minerals and metals, daily operational surveillance “Watchkeeping” is often conducted as part of a mine’s preventative maintenance routines, but sadly it is conducted too often as a ‘tick-box’ exercise where readings are collected from instruments in hard copy format and with poor data quality control. This data is usually only reviewed by management when  equipment fails and there is a requirement to perform an investigation.


With the digitisation of routine & daily operational surveillance, mining operators can bridge the gap of data reliability and realise higher potentials of improved equipment availability, sustainability and operational efficiency.

Digital operational surveillance via “Veracity Watchkeeping” enables operators to utilise a standardised digital format to collect thousands of data points across their facilities, allowing informative trends to be formed, and data analytics to be completed quickly on large volumes of data. This leads to more accurate predictive failure models of critical equipment. Adopting field-based digital solutions and controlled digital forms can also ensure watchkeeping data is collected consistently, and that quality is not compromised.

By utilising Veracity Watchkeeping, assets and operator readings are geopositioned. Mandatory fields can be specified to ensure that data submission is not allowed unless all necessary information is gathered by the user. Data can be entered and updated in real-time to avoid data losses or errors in transferring from paper to online systems. Performance criteria thresholds are set and collected data is uploaded directly into the Veracity platform for data analytics and communication to management for decision making.


Through replacing the traditional pen and paper approach with our digital watchkeeping solution, the following benefits can be realised:

  • Provide early warning of potential equipment issues.
  • Early detection of potential failures.
  • Drive and measure workforce performance.
  • Improved equipment availability and sustained production.
  • Reduced unplanned shutdowns.
  • Optimised maintenance programs.
  • Increased confidence in the collected data.
  • Data driven equipment diagnosis.

Veracity Watchkeeping does not replace your existing CMMS and preventive maintenance programs. Instead, it is an easily adopted tool targeted to maximise equipment surveillance using existing plant operations and maintenance teams.


To learn more about how we can help you through our Veracity Watchkeeping module, book a free demo here: info@aiegroup.org

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