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Veracity EMS Features

30 Mar

Most organisations have long term plans to minimise environmental impacts and identify opportunities for improvement within their businesses. The energy industry is however facing increasing pressure from governments and society to shift to more sustainable practices, and a robust management system is required to support this shift to deliver on defined sustainability goals. At AIE, we provide the necessary tools to meet this expectation through our proprietary software, Veracity EMS.

Veracity EMS provides an interactive platform to collect, organise, display and report environmental data, providing a key analysis tool to drive critical environmental business decisions. Due to its web-based nature, Veracity EMS allows access to environmental data from any device, at any time.

Some of the features of Veracity EMS include:

  • Environmental Management Matrix

The software comes with an in-built environmental management matrix built around standard environmental data parameters from different industrial systems, standard monitoring frequencies and KPI thresholds. The contents of the matrix can be configured to meet individual user requirements and to match the configuration of their assets.

  • Bulk Data Acquisition and Analysis

Veracity EMS is configured for immediate bulk data upload to minimise the resource burden. It provides a user-friendly platform with graphical representation of data for cross-disciplinary teams to evaluate bulk data against predefined KPIs and make efficient, data-driven decisions.

  • Planning and Management

A planning module is included within the Veracity EMS platform, which links activities to assigned action owners. The planning module communicates overdue tasks, sending reminder notifications to users when actions are not completed on time. If operators choose to use their existing Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the software can also be customised to integrate with the asset-specific CMMS.

  • Environmental Reporting

Users are provided with multiple reporting options which can be further tailored to meet their requirements. Reports can be generated at different levels according to the intended audience, ranging from high-level management summary reports to detailed status updates, long-term trends and in-depth analysis for each KPI. Veracity EMS offers an immediate reporting solution aimed to minimise the reporting burden whilst delivering quality data analysis.

  • Mobile Application

The mobile application is compatible with Android devices and allows teams to synchronise data between the office and field staff and facilitate field data capture.

To book a free demo of Veracity EMS, please contact us at info@aiegroup.org

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