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Uncover Hidden Insights With Veracity APM For Mining

01 May

The Challenge

In high hazard, capital intensive industries such as mining, there are often numerous challenges that organisations face that prevent their assets from realising their full potential. Some of these challenges include poor visibility of asset health, lack of data integration and difficulty in data management and analysis, poor data quality and control and the lack of understanding of risks.

These industries typically collect huge swathes of data, but often, the data is spread across different platforms and systems, and is not analysed or used to its full potential to uncover how to optimise and run the enterprise efficiently. This leads to ineffective decision making at operational and executive levels.

Veracity APM

Using artificial intelligence and data science, operators of heavy industries such as mining can efficiently manage and analyse their data to realise higher potentials of improved asset performance, safety and environmental compliance and reduced financial risks.

By integrating systems such as DCS and Scada with “Veracity APM,” operators can collate all their data under one ecosystem to gain an overview of their entire enterprise. Veracity APM is also linked to our mobile application, allowing operators to collect real-time data while they are on site. APM then uses algorithms designed by our data scientists and industry specialists to efficiently analyse vast amounts of information and reveal trends and patterns that may not be immediately visible. This also saves hundreds of manhours which would have otherwise been spent through inefficient, manual data processing.

Once the data has been processed, it is summarised in highly interactive and customisable graphs and dashboards. There are different dashboards for different levels within the organisation, such as:

  • Executive dashboard – Includes Key Performance Indicators for executive decision making.
  • Production dashboard – Includes mining throughputs, production outputs, stockpile levels and recovery efficiencies.
  • Performance dashboard – Includes information on equipment availability, utilisation and downtime.
  • HSE dashboard– Includes the various safety and environmental incidents as well as a full integrated risk register and action tracker.

To improve data quality and traceability, Veracity APM also has a workflow process approval and an audit log in place. This ensures that accountability is maintained for individuals across the hierarchical levels of the organisation and adds a layer of data security to prevent any misrepresentation or fraudulent activity, thereby protecting business interests.


Using our Asset Performance Management Solution, the following benefits can be realised:

  • Increased visibility of asset performance.
  • Improved data management.
  • Better understanding and management of top business risks.
  • Informed decision making at an operational and executive level.
  • Integration and standardisation of data from across all sites.
  • Better safety and environmental compliance.
  • Efficient data analysis leading to significant savings of manhours.
  • Improved data quality and security.

To learn more about Veracity APM and book your free demo, contact us on: info@aiegroup.org

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