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Transforming Plant Integrity & Maintenance Management through Digitisation

23 Feb

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The adoption of digital solutions in Industry is often slow due to key barriers which prevent widespread adoption.  Siloed data and process exists, with planning and execution of field workscopes are often still accomplished using traditional, time-consuming and unreliable methods of working.

What modern industry demands is a complete digital ecosystem which can address the gaps often encountered in the integrity and maintenance management cycle.

Although digital solutions have existed for some time in industry, it is key to understand some of the barriers which have prevented widespread adoption:

  • Use of existing Integrity Data Management Systems which do not offer desktop to field functionality
  • Plant regulations in relation to portable electronic equipment preventing the use of non-EX rated equipment
  • Complexity of Company IT regulations, compatibility with existing infrastructure, and lengthy processes for integration
  • Resistance to change due to the perceived high cost and effort to migrate to new system
  • Many available digital solutions lacking the required functionality or integrated systems / modules to support the full lifecycle of Asset Integrity or Maintenance work processes (i.e RBI, Anomaly Monitoring, Corrosion Monitoring)

With awareness of these barriers, AIE has developed the Veracity App which is fully integrated with the suite of Veracity web-based / desktop software modules.  The veracity system is designed to offer clients a best-in-class solution to transform plant asset management. The platform and application have been developed from the ground up with involvement from highly experienced Asset Integrity & Maintenance professionals to ensure that all required functionality is available. Plant inspection and maintenance personnel have rigorously tested the platform to ensure an intuitive and clean user interface.

To date, our Veracity Application has been successfully deployed to numerous international operators with the complexities of IT integration and data migration being managed efficiently by AIE, whilst meeting the most stringent requirements for data security. In all cases the benefits of adopting this digital solution are being realised with significant efficiency gains in work execution, and major improvements in reporting quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

The Veracity web software and app address the gaps often encountered in key stages of the integrity and maintenance cycle. With data available in real-time and on demand, the Veracity App has shown to optimise reporting quality and efficiency by up to 60%.

Our app allows data to be captured in a consistent format and is validated using value lists linked to specific equipment types, parameters, or operating conditions. This consistency of data capture ensures that the inputs for data analytics are of the highest quality. A high quality and consistent set of input data which is fundamental when it comes to data analytics.

Data collected using our Veracity App is synced with the Veracity software which, by using machine reading and Artificial Intelligence, provides a range of Analytics which can help optimise and manage your equipment effectively and reduce future inspection and maintenance costs.

Veracity App Key Functionalities at a Glance:

Times are changing and the traditional way of doing things is no longer economical or efficient. The wave of digitisation is here, and our Veracity App is a pioneer in taking asset management into this new era.

If you are interested and want to find out more about how Veracity can help transform your plant Integrity & Maintenance Management systems, click here or contact us at info@aiegroup.org

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