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The Optimal Anomaly Management Programme

23 Nov

veracity anomaly

Managing large quantities of anomalies and failures can be a very challenging task. The sheer amount of data handling and processing can be overwhelming when managing an anomaly and repair programme for asset-intensive facilities. Having a digital anomaly management system which allows both the operations and the integrity teams to manage anomalies through an intuitive workflow is essential.

The complete defect management solution

Our Veracity Anomaly software follows a systematic and best practice workflow:

veracity anomaly encompasses multiple processes which act as enablers for a systematic and efficient anomaly management programme. Four interrelated processes have been established and designed in the software to address the requirements of a live operational plant.

Anomaly management programmes are usually siloed from the other elements of the incumbent Integrity Management System (IMS). This is a common shortfall across most of the oil and gas operators. Anomaly database can be a rich source of information to identify poor practices, and if properly exploited, can be a great opportunity to improve and/or optimize the incumbent IMS. A great amount of lessons learnt can be captured and transferred from the anomaly management programme to leverage a continuous improvement to the incumbent IMS. veracity anomalyis designed to provide this linkage between the anomaly records and the other elements of the IMS such as Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Corrosion and Chemical Management (CCM) programme, and inspection data management. This linkage can be easily facilitated through the various modules provided in veracity™ software.

AIE veracity anomaly™ software is an effective and powerful tool to manage large numbers of anomalies and failure reports of all core equipment, from pipelines and piping, to structures and marine equipment. The veracity anomaly™ workflow includes the identification, reporting and analysis of defects. The software is designed to help the user analyse the anomalies, prioritise the repair activities and manage deferral requests through a controlled process. Furthermore, veracity™ enables the linking of the anomaly management system with the maintenance & repair cycle to ensure safe and cost-effective operations.

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We are a leading provider of a wide range of asset integrity services which improve operational reliability, safety and asset protection whilst at the same time helping to maximise plant performance and mitigate the constant challenges and hazards facing heavy industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining.

The complete defect management solution

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