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The Benefit Of Foresight: AIE Abandons A Well On Paper

11 Mar

Before rigs and crews are moved into place to commence operations, it is typical that the full team will perform a ‘Drill the Well On Paper’ (DWOP), or in this case an AWOP.

AIE engineers Katie Read, Lama Mattar, Rajeev Ravindran, Ammara Shahid and Dragan Milanovic have been hard at work this week with a multi-discipline team of engineers, suppliers, and contractors to conduct the final planning for a complex and challenging well abandonment project that AIE is managing on behalf of its client. The purpose of the session was to get the technical specialists from each service around the table, present a detailed review of the well Abandonment programme, agree on operational procedures, manage risks, and identify potential contingency plans.

AIE is proud of its diverse workforce and our gender balanced team is a testament to this, successfully completing the AWOP the day after the world celebrated International Women’s Day.

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