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Technical Integrity and Compliance Assessment

22 Mar


Given the hazardous nature of onshore and offshore hydrocarbon production operations, technical integrity is vital to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations. Technical integrity can be defined as:

Oil and gas HSE and integrity audit

Technical Integrity Management is therefore an integrated, cross-disciplinary management system for the measurement and establishment of the condition and status of various installation safety barriers. Typical systems that are included are process plant, production and transportation systems, and load bearing structures.

At AIE, we advocate a robust safety and integrity philosophy; a strong safety culture is borne out of the focus on compliance as well as technical integrity. These two separate, but mutually complementary aspects, are where we provide specific expertise.

Our Holistic Approach

AIE’s Technical Integrity Management programs aim to establish a holistic and standardized approach in the management of integrity risk. We accomplish this by connecting tools, competence and people to a best practice work process. And when necessary, we help to initiate risk reducing actions to aid our clients to achieve their desired risk level.

Our compliance assessment services serve to provide the necessary assurances that safety and integrity requirements are properly implemented and are, and will likely remain, fully effective. There are many benefits to this approach:

  • It facilitates the assessment and benchmarking of plant systems, procedures and operations against established codes, standards, regulations and laws;
  • It facilitates the identification of gaps, weaknesses, non-compliances and the subsequent development of remedial action plans which serve to improve functionality and operability;
  • It provides an opportunity to nurture an organisational culture that embraces safety and technical integrity.

What We Offer

AIE has a proven track record of success in Technical Integrity Management and Compliance assessment. We have implemented numerous business unit and corporate wide compliance assessments covering all aspects of production operations for major clients around the world. We have a structured compliance assessment framework which is easily tailored to company, jurisdiction or legislative requirements.

We employ multidisciplinary industry experts covering all core disciplines found within hazardous industries. Our team hold significant operational experience to offer a comprehensive but realistic service to our clients. AIE then builds on this expertise by providing clients detailed execution strategies and support in the gap closure phase.

If you would like to know more about our integrity and compliance assessment services and how our team can support your requirements, please visit our contact us page and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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