Integrate Sustainability into Your Business

Operationalizing Sustainability

Sustainability has a wide range of meanings for different stakeholders and organizations. Within an organization, improving sustainability can range from responding to global issues such as climate change to creating new products and operating in an efficient, compliant and responsible way.

Addressing environmental concerns and operating in a sustainable manner is becoming increasingly important to businesses as they adapt and contribute to the growing governmental and societal drive for sustainable development. Sustainable operations are also important in improving a business’s competitive advantage and in enhancing stakeholder relations.

Operationalizing Sustainability

Sustainable development is a broad, complex and multi-faceted concept. AIE helps clients cut through this complexity in order to understand key issues, set priorities, and take effective and meaningful action. The UN has defined seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which provide a global framework to be followed until 2030. Out of the 17 goals, AIE’s area of expertise aligns with the main priority areas in the Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining industry:

  • Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy
  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities
  • Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
  • Goal 13: Climate action

AIE works with clients to:

  • Build sustainability into strategy, policies and objectives taking into consideration the entire value chain of systems using the UN SDGs as a framework
  • Identify sustainable development actions for clients based on regional, industry and business specific issues
  • Implement practical and meaningful integration of sustainability management into business processes, including maintenance management systems and KPI reporting systems
  • Integrate existing Environmental Management Systems into business processes as required by ISO 14001

AIE provides clients with sustainability experts who are experienced in incorporating and integrating sustainability goals into business management processes in an efficient and effective manner.

We have assisted clients throughout the MENA region and are experienced in building maintenance systems. AIE leverages this experience to integrate sustainability and environmental management into computerized Maintenance and Management Systems (CMMS).

As an independent body, we guarantee our clients objective, high quality services delivered by experienced and qualified experts.

Veracity EMS

AIE’s environmental management software, Veracity EMS, provides users with an online platform to store, trend, retrieve and visualize a variety of environmental monitoring parameters.

The data fed into the software is compared against preset KPIs and the user is automatically notified if there are any excursions to allow for real time data monitoring.

Veracity EMS is an effective tool used to report a facility’s environmental compliance and performance; monitoring activities such as air quality, stack emissions, water quality, spills, noise and energy consumption.

Veracity EMS forms an integral part of the operator’s sustainability management system, with its structure and design fully compliant with best practice engineering standards.

For more information about our environmental management software, click here.