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Methane Emissions Detection & Reduction

Given its higher GWP100 compared to carbon dioxide, identifying and addressing methane emissions is recognized as a key element in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions. The oil & gas industry has a big role to play in the abatement of methane emissions and serves as an industry with a high potential in methane emissions reduction.

There are nine core emission sources that have been identified to have the greatest potential in methane emissions reduction in the oil & gas industry, namely:

  • Natural gas-driven pneumatic controllers and pumps
  • Fugitive component and equipment leaks
  • Centrifugal compressors with “wet” (oil) seals
  • Reciprocating compressors rod seal/packing vents
  • Glycol dehydrators
  • Unstabilized hydrocarbon liquid storage tanks
  • Well venting for liquids unloading
  • Well venting/flaring during well completion for hydraulically fractured gas
  • Casinghead gas venting

AIE has a dedicated service capability and expertise to help operators tackle methane emissions, from the leak detection and monitoring of emissions using infra-red imagery, to the development of options and feasibility studies for modifications and projects that reduce emissions.

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