Environmental Assessments Defining Practical And Effective Controls For Your Projects

Environmental Impact Assessment

In addition to the legal requirement to assess environmental, social, and health effects of a proposed development, an EIA provides the means to set practical and effective measures to eliminate, control and mitigate environmental impacts. AIE deliver EIA reports which provide decision makers the guidance they need to genuinely improve environmental management, not just provide a tick in the box to submit to the regulator.

Environmental Impact Assessment

AIE follow international standards for EIA as well as incorporating national requirements into the process. Typically this will consist of the following steps:

  • Screening to determine whether an EIA is required
  • Scoping to focus on the most significant impacts and issues
  • Description of Baseline Conditions and Baseline Studies
  • Impact Prediction
  • Impact Assessment
  • Mitigations
  • Environmental Management Plan

After completion of the various steps, a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment report is then issued that documents the entire EIA process and includes the environmental effects/ potential impacts of the proposed project and recommended mitigation measures to be taken.

Our specialist engineers are highly qualified in performing EIAs for developing projects and existing assets. After performing environmental assessments, AIE supports clients in building an effective environmental management system, identifying monitoring requirements and establishing KPIs for environmental management activities.

As an independent, unbiased body with a vast experience in high hazard industries, AIE brings a plethora of field knowledge into these assessments, providing clients with work of the best industry standards.

Veracity EMS

AIE’s environmental management software, Veracity EMS, provides users with an online platform to store, trend, retrieve and visualize a variety of environmental monitoring parameters.

The data fed into the software is compared against preset KPIs and the user is automatically notified if there are any excursions to allow for real time data monitoring.

Veracity EMS is an effective tool used to report a facility’s environmental compliance and performance; monitoring activities such as air quality, stack emissions, water quality, spills, noise and energy consumption.

Veracity EMS forms an integral part of the operator’s sustainability management system, with its structure and design fully compliant with best practice engineering standards.

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