Our Systemic & Structured Approach to Optimize Energy Performance

Energy Optimization Review

Optimization of energy performance and operational efficiency is not only a key part of operational excellence, but also plays a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  ISO 50001 prescribes a framework for energy management with the objective of providing a systematic approach to the continual improvement of energy efficiency and energy performance but without stating specific performance criteria.

A best-practice Energy Management System (EMS) conforms to the ISO principle of a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle for continual improvement processes. Many firms have a preference for internal management of the Plan, Do and Act elements of EMS, but the value of independent checks is widely recognized, and is required if certified to ISO 50001.

Energy Optimization Review

A baseline understanding of energy performance is essential for the energy management team of any company that wishes to establish an EMS, and the best way to achieve this understanding is by conducting an Energy Optimization Review. This requires employing our energy specialists who help organizations optimize their processes to gain maximum energy efficiency with minimal interference in the processes themselves. Our Energy Optimization Review service helps to reduce carbon emissions from facilities and lower energy cost.

The typical steps of our Energy Optimization Review process are as follows:

  • Gather details about the historical energy consumption of the facility in question
  • Study the facility’s energy usage to identify energy wastage in key operating areas
  • Perform analytic and engineering studies in order to recommend modifications to the facility that will improve energy efficiency
  • Use the information and recommendations from the baseline Energy Optimization Review to formulate realistic policies and to develop implementation plans that can be audited annually in order to track progress and verify the efficacy of the EMS that was established by the management team

Our Veracity Sustainability software has been developed to collect and analyze sustainability data which we report independently on a predetermined basis for clients to optimize performance and demonstrate compliance.

AIE is an independent, objective organization and boasts high standards of engineering excellence. This is due to our team of outstanding engineers who have many years of experience in the energy industry, including the Oil and Gas (both offshore and onshore), Energy Generation and Nuclear Industries. We serve clients throughout the MENA region, in countries such as the UAE, Oman, Algeria, Qatar, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The AIE team has worked on numerous projects that deal with process operations, building optimized management systems and performing compliance studies. The two key parameters required to perform a successful Energy Optimization Review, namely end-to-end understanding of process systems and providing optimization strategies, are our main areas of expertise.

Not only are we able to perform highly efficient Energy Optimization Reviews on systems within the energy production industry, but we are also able to extend our services to the transport and infrastructure industries.

Veracity EMS

AIE’s environmental management software, Veracity EMS, provides users with an online platform to store, trend, retrieve and visualize a variety of environmental monitoring parameters.

The data fed into the software is compared against preset KPIs and the user is automatically notified if there are any excursions to allow for real time data monitoring.

Veracity EMS forms an integral part of the operator’s sustainability management system, with its structure and design fully compliant with best practice engineering standards.

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