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Sustainability In Industry Training Course

14 Jun

As sustainability and sustainable operations become less of an option and more of an essential part of doing business in today’s climate conscious world, businesses need to act immediately. There is a growing urgency to address climate concerns, and this is particularly prevalent in the energy industry.

AIE is offering tools to educate the market that we serve through a variety of training courses led by our talented trainers. Our “Sustainability in Industry” course, led by trainers experienced in the energy industry and in the field of sustainability, is ideal for organisations looking to make that shift to sustainable operations. The course is aimed to identify actions to be taken and implement changes to operationalise sustainability goals.

Our course consists of eight modules that cover both theoretical and practical aspects of sustainability. Each module is followed by a case study for which delegates are required to collaborate and propose solutions. The modules are delivered over a two-day period and cover:

  • Introduction to Sustainability – An introduction to the concept of sustainability and sustainable development
  • The World’s Energy Transition – A description of the current status of the world’s dependence on energy, the share of fossil fuels and the transition of the energy industry from hydrocarbons to alternatives.
  • Sustainability Frameworks and Standards – A description of the global initiatives, frameworks, agreements, and standards.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – An explanation of the process and techniques that are used to assess environmental and social impacts of upcoming projects.
  • Environmental Management – An overview of Environmental Management Systems (EMS).
  • Optimising Energy Processes – An explanation of energy efficiency and the processes are followed to conduct energy optimisation.
  • Methane Emissions Detection and Reduction – A stepwise approach that is taken to reduce methane emissions with a focus on the oil & gas and power generation industries
  • Operationalising Sustainability – A detailed analysis of how sustainability is translated into practical action.

The course focuses on the sustainability practices in the energy industry and allows for a significant interaction between delegates. There are networking sessions with individuals coming from a range of different industries including oil and gas, power generation and mining.

Our training courses are catered to meet the requirements of our clients. The courses are delivered either online or via classroom platforms on a public or client- specific basis. Client specific courses are typically delivered on site at our client’s premises to ensure the best results. Our timings are also flexible to ensure that our clients never miss an opportunity.

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