Veracity RCM

Driving Reliability Maintenance To The Next Level

Veracity RCM – Driving Reliability Maintenance To The Next Level

Is your maintenance programme effective?

An effective preventative maintenance programme is one where:

  • All PM activity is adding value by addressing only failure modes where the consequences matter
  • All failure modes are understood, consequences quantified and managed
  • All relevant information is available in the PM: acceptance criteria, consumables, etc.
  • Task instructions are clear and suitable for competent staff to execute

The Challenge

The majority of planned maintenance programmes are incomplete, inconsistent and far from optimal. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Insufficient investment in establishing optimised maintenance programmes at pre-operations stage
  • OEM maintenance recommendations are not challenged
  • Expensive service contracts and warranty maintenance applied but never reviewed
  • Maintenance is often derived without any thought to reliability, risk or commercial considerations
  • Once the programme is deployed, maintenance personnel are too busy with operational issues to make impactful changes to the programme

Veracity RCM

Veracity RCM

Veracity RCM optimises planned maintenance programmes from Master Equipment List (What do you have?) and Criticality Analysis (How Critical is it?) to Maintenance Strategy Development (What to do?) and Continuous Improvement (When to do it?). The platform can seamlessly integrate data from a CMMS, perform the required optimisation analysis and prepare the data for upload back into the CMMS.

Veracity RCM Maintenance Execution

Business Benefits

RCM Business Benefits