Veracity RBI

Risk Based Inspection Software

Veracity RBI Software

Veracity RBI software offers a modern and integrated approach for pressure systems risk based inspection. The user-friendly interface provides a common analysis platform resulting in data driven decision making and optimized planning.

Risk based inspection in industry is often poorly implemented, inefficient and unable to keep up with changing process and environmental plant conditions. Case studies completed by AIE for major operators show that instead of optimizing inspection intervals the result of RBI programs has actually in most cases increased inspection costs. Veracity RBI adopts a modern standardized approach which learns from the challenges faced in industry to deliver a modern and optimized solution for our clients business, thus ensuring mechanical integrity of the plant.

Veracity Risk Based Inspection

Veracity RBI software ensures operators set up corrosion circuits and static equipment systems via a controlled, engineered and optimized work-flow process.

The software follows a segmentation methodology whereby a facility is divided into systems according to the different process streams and environmental conditions.

Veracity RBI then provides a pre-populated list of corrosion circuits and static equipment commonly found within each system. On selection of applicable circuits and fixed equipment, the software assigns the default damage mechanisms and failure data which can be easily tailored and updated by the user. This ensures rapid facilitation of and improved quality and continuity in the risk assessment.

Veracity RBI keeps the user’s experience at the focus of its design. Its user interface spells simplicity and intuitiveness, facilitating users to get their work done faster. It features insightful dashboards to enable risk analysis, risk reduction and optimization opportunities to be readily visible to the user. It also provides a high degree of user-configuration, with features such as customizable Risk Matrices to adapt the RBI software to user needs.

Through the use of machine learning and advanced analytics, Veracity RBI analyses the various inspection data sets developed through the RBI assessment to identify results which do not comply with the Veracity average for the equipment type under evaluation.

To make the RBI process live, the software visually identifies assets prime for optimization and those at highest risk from early failure so that they can be further investigated before the RBI interval is reached.

The corrosion circuits and static equipment selected and defined on Veracity RBI are linked effectively with their counterparts on Veracity anomaly and Veracity CCM. This bridges the gap often encountered in data management by enabling the user to study key information such as anomaly history and corrosion compliance on one centralized platform.

Veracity Inspection and the veracity app are also fully integrated to provide a complete digital field reporting and management solution with all asset data available under one user friendly interface. Veracity is powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithm(s) and predictive analytics tools. This bridges the gap often encountered in data management by enabling the user to study key information such as anomaly history and corrosion compliance on one centralized platform and taking decisions in real time to best avoid any plant failure from occurring.

The software can also be customized to integrate with CMMS softwares that are used by operators to run their predictive maintenance programs.

Veracity RBI prepares a risk-based inspection plan for each corrosion circuit and equipment by linking them to recommended inspection activities and coverage.

This module also allows permitted users to override the calculated inspection frequency on the provision of adequate justification. Veracity RBI also provides long term and short term graphical representation of upcoming inspection plans to enable forward planning and effective resource allocation.

Alternately, if the operators choose to use their existing centralised maintenance management system (CMMS) to drive the RBI program, then the software can be customised to integrate with that specific CMMS.

The software includes multiple reporting options which can be further tailored to meet client requirements.

Reports can be generated at different levels according to the intended audience. From high level management summary reports to detailed asset level risk assessment reports.

Veracity RBI offers an immediate reporting solution aimed to minimise resources and deliver quality.

Veracity RBI is simple and logical to operate, with most users only taking a matter of hours to understand its design and architecture. AIE also provides in-house integrity training courses to assist with the use of the software and to ensure that users understand its full capability and how it should be set up and maintained for maximum effect.

Our established Asset Integrity Management training course is also available to complement the software and to reinforce the background knowledge and engineering methodologies which make up modern risk based Integrity Management Systems.