Veracity Inspection

Optimised Asset Management via Data-Driven Decisions

Veracity Inspection – Integrity Management Software

Veracity Inspection provides operators with a central integrated platform for planning, executing and analysing maintenance and inspection programs across their facilities. Our market leading and user-friendly inspection management software integrates with our Veracity App to allow seamless digital field reporting via a range of android devices. Data is fed directly into our field inspection software, enabling clients to make data driven decisions which manage their risk and resources optimally.

Inspection management software

Veracity Inspection management software streamlines the analysis and inspection processes to guarantee compliance, mitigate risk, and improve operational efficiency.

field inspection software

Industry performs online and offline maintenance and inspection tasks to define asset performance and condition, whilst ensuring compliance with regulations and international standards. Through completing industry-wide case studies and real-life client projects, AIE has observed that field inspection and maintenance programs are inherently inefficient and poorly executed.

Data is often managed across unstructured corporate file servers or stored within siloed databases across various departments. In addition, field data is often manually captured, inefficiently recorded or lost in translation due to limited use of technology and different reporting standards and site procedures.

We have challenged the status quo and developed Veracity Inspection, a leading asset management solution. The software was developed to learn from the roadblocks faced in the industry to deliver a new optimised approach to data driven asset management for industrial facilities.

Designed by our in-house team of experts, Veracity inspection is integrated with all Veracity analysis modules and client computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS).

Inspection management software

Veracity Inspection integrates with all Veracity analysis modules. This link bridges the gap often encountered in data management by enabling the user to complete analysis, develop targeted work scopes and execute inspection and maintenance tasks in the field via the Veracity mobile app.

The software can also connect with live field data gathering and analysis systems, allowing real time management of our clients most critical assets. Further integration is also possible with the client’s CMMS to ensure a fully integrated and efficient work planning and inspection management system.

Ever wanted to minimise time spent looking for historical asset data?

Field inspection reporting application

The software’s intuitive Asset View provides a dedicated location for users to access asset data. It presents attributes, history, reports, assessment summaries and monitoring logs in a centralised view, eliminating siloed data management practices.

Veracity Inspection supports ISO 14224 compliant asset registers which cover all key asset categories across various industries. The asset registers are customisable and can be updated, edited and exported at the push of a button.

Veracity Inspection automates client’s inspection and maintenance practices from analysis to field execution. Its streamlined workflow process is user friendly and demonstrated to deliver a range of inspection optimisation opportunities for our clients.

With in-built workflows and notifications which are customisable, Veracity Inspection manages quality whilst making it easy for users to not only see what they need to do, but how it contributes to the bigger picture. The inspection management software’s visual workflows also make it easier to monitor performance, identify bottlenecks and eliminate issues before they materialise.

The inspection management software includes multiple reporting options, from standardised inspection and workbook templates to pre-populated forms with compliance criteria defined and automated. Veracity Inspection and our field inspection reporting application can accommodate any client developed maintenance and inspection report formats resulting in a customised user experience.

Reports can be generated at different levels according to the intended audience, ranging from high level management dashboard and analytics reports to detailed asset-specific work packs and field inspection reports.

Inspection and maintenance work scopes are often generic, developed manually and/or not linked with the analysis and inspection execution process. In Veracity Inspection, we have successfully combined our risk assessment (RBI) and data analytics inspection software to allow users to efficiently create targeted digital work scopes.

Site inspection software

With Veracity Inspection, workscope development is seamless with improved quality. Work scopes and accompanying inspection work packs developed on Veracity inspection are automatically synced to the Veracity app for field execution.

Veracity Inspection interprets field inspection and maintenance data to generate actionable insights into a facility’s integrity and reliability status.

Over and above prediction of degradation rates and remaining life, Veracity Inspection communicates multiple trends, identifies blind spots and highlighting areas for risk mitigation and inspection optimisation.

The inspection management software includes various data analytics options, allowing the user to compare and evaluate multiple asset categories data within a single platform. Veracity Inspection is developed to be flexible such that all client data analysis requirements can be easily accommodated.

Veracity Inspection integrates inspection and maintenance tasks generated through our analysis modules or clients’ third-party software to offer a complete task management and planning solution. The site inspection software empowers users to schedule and load balance inspection and maintenance programmes, assign and coordinate resources, review activity status, and act upon anomalies/non-compliances identified during the inspection.

Data analytics inspection software

The easy-to-use and data-rich planning tools show up-to-date spread of current, upcoming, and historic tasks managed on Veracity Inspection. Using custom criteria provided on these dashboards and with full integration with the Veracity inspection app, users can significantly improve and optimise their field planning and execution process.

Veracity inspection is linked with geographic map applications to support planning and inspection team management.

The Veracity App provides a digital field reporting solution for online and offline data capture. By replacing pen and paper forms, the Android App takes its users through a user friendly and intuitive process to seamlessly execute field inspection and maintenance tasks.

The Veracity App at a glance:

  • Online and offline use
  • Task and activity management
  • Asset register management and update
  • Workscope execution and field inspection reporting
  • Geographic asset, task and user positioning
  • Ability to record multiple media forms and annotate them in real-time
  • Report review, updates, and approvals
  • Notifications and alerts

Inspection optimisation

With the Veracity App, users can onboard all maintenance and inspection report templates using any Android device to allow optimal field data capture.

The application’s user-friendly interface ensures that inspection and maintenance personnel have access to the tools required to record their observations, systematically and in full. With data available in real-time and on demand, the Veracity App has shown to improve reporting time and significantly reduce operational costs.

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Keeping the user’s experience at its core, Veracity Inspection helps users get their work done faster and more efficiently, with most users taking only a few hours to understand its design and architecture.

AIE also provides in-house and remote training courses to assist with the use of the software. These courses ensure that users understand Veracity Inspection’s full capability and how to set it up and maintained in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our established Asset Integrity Management training programmes can also be engaged to complement the software and reinforce background knowledge and engineering methodologies which make up modern Integrity Management Systems.

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