Veracity EMS

Moving industry forward in sustainability management

Veracity EMS Software

Veracity EMS is an environmental management software that provides users an interactive platform to collect, organize, display and report environmental data. It serves as an analysis tool to drive critical environmental business decisions. Veracity EMS is a web-based tool, thereby allowing access from anywhere, anytime.

The Sustainability Challenge

Striving to operate more sustainably by taking steps to minimize impacts and identify opportunities for improvements is a core part of most organizations’ long-term strategies. With ever growing focus on sustainability by governments and society, a robust management system to support the delivery of goals is increasingly important for industry.

AIE provides a range of sustainability services that can be implemented at varying stages of an industrial asset’s life cycle to manage environmental risks, improve environmental performance, reduce environmental impacts and maximize business value.

Real-time Environmental
Data Management

Efficient data management to drive
critical environmental decisions.

Veracity EMS comes with an in-built environmental management matrix structured around standard environmental data parameters from different industrial systems, standard monitoring frequencies and KPI thresholds. Users can tailor the contents of the matrix to match the configuration of their assets, environmental goals as well as regional regulatory requirements.

Data inputted into Veracity EMS is cross referenced against monitoring thresholds and KPIs in the matrix. Any data that is outside the defined thresholds will be highlighted through the reporting function and can lead to instantaneous notification of users if required by clients. The matrix includes environmental impacts that could take place due to excursions in monitored parameters as well as corrective actions that should be taken in the case any excursions are observed. The software is also setup for reporting environmental compliance scores with respect to facility performance when undertaking environmental management and control activities.

Veracity EMS is configured for immediate bulk data upload to conserve operator resources. The software provides a user-friendly platform for cross-disciplinary representatives to evaluate bulk data against predefined thresholds.

Veracity EMS is flexible and allows graphical representation of data enabling users to compare trends and make efficient data-driven decisions.

For effective implementation of an environmental management system, Veracity EMS includes a planning module which links activities to assigned action owners. The software also communicates overdue tasks and directs reminder notifications to users when actions are not completed on time. An action tracking system is also included for non-routine activities.

If the operator chooses to use their existing Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to drive the environmental monitoring program, then the software can be customized to integrate with the asset specific CMMS.

The software includes multiple reporting options which can be further tailored to meet client requirements.

Reports can be generated at different levels according to the intended audience. From high-level environmental compliance reports to detailed reports which include long-term trends and in-depth analysis for each environmental management KPI, Veracity EMS offers an immediate reporting solution aimed to minimize resources and deliver quality.

The software comes with a mobile application for Android and iOS devices which allows teams to synchronize data between back office and field staff and facilitate field data capture.