Veracity APM

Enabling total asset performance management

Veracity APM

At AIE, we wholeheartedly embrace the transformative potential of Asset Performance Management – an all-encompassing philosophy that ignites the very essence of progress within organizations. We firmly believe in empowering businesses to elevate their asset operations and achieve unparalleled returns on investment by harnessing the boundless power of data science and artificial intelligence. Our unwavering commitment to this vision led us to join forces with an exceptional team of data scientists and industry experts, resulting in the birth of our cutting-edge software solution, Veracity APM.

Join us on this inspiring journey as we revolutionize the way industries thrive and forge a future defined by limitless possibilities.

The Challenge

In high-risk capital-intensive industries like oil and gas as well as metals and mining organizations frequently encounter a multitude of challenges that hinder their assets from reaching their maximum potential. Some of these obstacles encompass inadequate visibility of asset health, difficulties in data integration and management, poor data quality and control, and a lack of risks understanding.

Despite the substantial amount of data collected within these industries, it is often scattered across various platforms and systems, failing to undergo thorough analysis or utilization to unlock ways to optimize and streamline the enterprise effectively. Consequently, this inefficiency results in inefficient decision-making both at the operational and executive levels. The graphic below is an example of the how Veracity APM can integrate critical data across the various departments within the metals and mining industry. A similar integration can be realised across different industries such as oil and gas, power and utilities, and renewable energies.

Why Veracity APM?

Using artificial intelligence and data science, operators of heavy industries can efficiently manage and analyse all their data to realise higher potentials of improved asset performance, safety and environmental compliance and reduced financial risks.

Veracity APM empowers enterprises worldwide to unlock the full potential of their digital journey. We offer an all-encompassing asset Information Management Platform, along with a diverse array of applications that revolutionize both your operational and executive decision-making processes.

By seamlessly integrating your existing systems and processes such as DCS and Scada into a unified decision support network, “Veracity APM,” operators can collate all their data under one ecosystem to gain an overview of their entire enterprise indisputable source of truth. Veracity APM is also linked to our mobile application, allowing operators to collect real-time data while they are on site. APM uses algorithms designed by our data scientists and industry specialists to efficiently analyse vast amounts of information and reveal trends and patterns that may not be immediately visible. This also saves hundreds of manhours which would have otherwise been spent through inefficient, manual data processing.

Veracity APM Monitor

Once the data has been processed, it is summarised in highly interactive and customisable graphs and dashboards. The image above is an illustrative example from one of our client’s dashboards. There are different dashboards for different levels within the organisation, such as:

  • Executive dashboard – Includes cost evaluation per yield performance and Key Performance Indicators for executive decision making.
  • Production dashboard – Includes throughputs, production outputs, stockpile levels and recovery efficiencies.
  • Performance dashboard – Includes information on equipment availability, utilisation and downtime.
  • HSE dashboard– Includes the various safety and environmental incidents as well as a full integrated risk register and action tracker.

To improve data quality and traceability, Veracity APM also has a workflow process approval and an audit log in place. This ensures that accountability is maintained for individuals across the different hierarchical levels of the organisation and adds a layer of data security to prevent any misrepresentation or fraudulent activity, thereby protecting business interests.

Veracity APM Total Asset Performance Management

Veracity APM Benefits

Using our Asset Performance Management Solution, the following benefits can be realised:

  • Increased visibility of asset performance.
  • Improved data management.
  • Better understanding and management of top business risks.
  • Informed decision making at an operational and executive level.
  • Integration and standardisation of data from across all sites.
  • Better safety and environmental compliance.
  • Efficient data analysis leading to significant savings of man hours.
  • Improved data quality and security.

Get Veracity APM

Embrace a future of limitless possibilities as Veracity APM transforms your investment in technology into tangible opportunities for enhancing your business. With a profound understanding of the past and the ability to foresee a predictable future, our platform empowers you to make swift, well-informed decisions. Join us in this dynamic journey towards excellence, where data is seamlessly transformed into actionable insights that propel your enterprise to new heights. Get in touch with our team to book a demo and see how Veracity APM can work for your facility.