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Revolutionising Corrective Action Management Through Veracity Anomaly

31 Mar

With assets ageing, and the ever-increasing number of inspection campaigns and quantity of data generated, anomaly management has become a very challenging task.

Relying on offline databases and traditional methods has the potential to create many issues, especially when dealing with large quantities of data. Digitalising the anomaly management process is a necessity, not an option.

The introduction of a digital anomaly management system will result in significant efficiency, help eliminate/minimise human error, and establish robust, reliable, and traceable workflows with pre-assigned responsible persons based on anomaly/defect type, asset category, required corrective action, etc. A digital anomaly management system can be used to facilitate the corrective action management (fabric maintenance, permanent/temporary repairs, etc.) by incorporating sub-processes specific to each corrective action type.

AIE’s Veracity Anomaly software has been designed as a complete digital solution for defect management across all asset classes.

Figure 1: The Veracity Anomaly Solution

Veracity Anomaly follows a logical and systematic workflow (shown in the figure below), based on industry standards and best practices.

Figure 2: Anomaly Workflow

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