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Resilience Redefined: AIE’s Services For Prolonging Mining Asset Lifecycles

19 Jan

AIE recently delivered a successful life extension project for a client in the mining industry. The client had a 30-year old Process Tank Farm that was deemed no longer safe for operations. The client’s initial plan was to decommission the existing tank farm and construct a new farm as part of their plant expansion project. However, this would require a significant capital investment of approximately $50 million and create numerous construction risks.

AIE proposed an alternative optimised approach by engaging our veracity tank Integrity management system. We conducted a comprehensive inspection task on-site over a period of 2 months using advanced UT crawler technology to scan the thickness of the tanks and then engaged the Veracity app to report condition. Our team of experts compiled a complete set of integrity assessments, remaining life calculations, and anomaly reports for all inspected tanks using the Veracity tank integrity system.

Based on the inspection results, AIE prepared a detailed repair program, which was estimated to cost only $2 million to execute. The implementation of this program was projected to extend the assets’ life by a remarkable 10 years.

This accomplishment allowed the project team to reconsider their initial plan for the plant expansion. Instead of moving forward with an immediate CAPEX of $50 million for a new tank farm, they were able to defer this expenditure and use the existing tank farm for another decade.

AIE’s innovative solution demonstrated our ability to deliver high-quality asset integrity engineering services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We are proud to have helped our client achieve their operational and financial goals while maintaining the highest standards of safety and performance.

Contact our tank integrity team today to see how our experts are working across a range of industries to extend asset life and ensure safe operations.


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