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Pipeline Inspection Solutions

16 Nov

Inspecting pipelines using a smart or intelligent pig can be a risky business for an operator: Pigs can get stuck, fail to navigate sharp bends or pig product bypass issues can occur – all of which can come at a significant cost to the operator.

AIE manages the integrity of over 2200 pipelines globally through our Veracity software platform. We have undertaken numerous studies for our clients over the years, providing solutions to safely manage their challenging pipelines, which include:

  • Piggability studies
  • Pipeline modification scopes
  • Development of pigging strategies and ILI tool selection
  • Pig testing and design support
  • Review of ILI results and tool performance to assess pipeline integrity and optimise future inspection planning
  • Or, in cases when pigging is not feasible, the use of internal and external direct assessment techniques and use of novel external inspection technologies.

AIE is an independent firm and does not have a stake in any inspection companies or maintenance/repair service providers. We perform impartial reviews of vendors/contractors and their services and develop the most effective integrity management strategy for our clients.

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To know more about the pipeline services we offer, please contact us at info@aiegroup.org

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