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Pilot Study – Geothermal Well Operation using VeracityWells

14 Dec

AIE has recently conducted a study on a major geothermal well operation utilizing our WIMS software, VeracityWells. The objective of the pilot study was to risk assess complex high-temperature and pressure (HPHT) geothermal wells.

Key documents were critically reviewed and NORSOK D10-compliant integrity assessments were performed to appraise and justify the final status of primary and secondary well barriers, and provide additional mitigation requirements on a risk-based interval.

As a result of the integrity assessment, AIE advised the client on critical well barrier remediation actions, including:

  1. Testing of caprock formation sealing ability.
  2. Maintaining more accurate and thorough annulus pressure monitoring data to demonstrate that the risk of pressure cycling, and subsequent fatigue is being well managed.
  3. Due to the unavailability of the tubing hanger test, its status remained inconclusive.
  4. Improvement of wellhead valve integrity through a more robust visual inspection and periodic function/leak testing regime.

VeracityWells is integrated with our VeracityCCM corrosion management software.  A base line corrosion assessment was performed which concluded:

  1. The ratio of CO2/H2S fell within the susceptible region for H2S corrosion to occur.
  2. Water chemistry indicated low total dissolved solids (TDS), indicating the fluid could be corrosive. However, gaps in sampling data made it complex to calculate the potential corrosion rate.
  3. There was no record of downhole chemical injection despite the above threats.

As a result, AIE recommended a more robust approach to analyse water chemistry, flow rates, operating conditions, and sand data to model and assess corrosion probabilities.

AIE is an holistic integrity management service provider. VeracityWells, a module on the Veracity software provides a tailored solution based on a 2 barrier philosophy. The software allows users to set up a well, locate it on the map using geo coordinates, and select and categorise well barriers along with the threats and mitigation techniques. Integrity Assessment is then performed to determine if each barrier meets the design, test, and monitoring requirements with reference to the choice of standard, for example, NORSOK. The probability of failure and consequence of failure is assigned on the basis of the risk matrix. Users can also generate plans for monitoring / mitigation activities with frequency, based on recommendations.

To learn more about VeracityWells click Here.

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