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Personnel Competency Development Training Programmes

14 Aug


Introducing our Competency Development Training Programmes.

As a prominent provider of asset integrity services, AIE has placed significant emphasis on educating and propelling the market it serves, making competency development a crucial aspect of our overarching vision. To ensure that we achieve our vision, AIE has put together several long-term personnel competency development programs that are targeted at organisations looking to enhance the capability of their engineers, technicians, and site teams.

Unlike our training courses, our long-term competency development programmes focus on specific technical integrity topics, including:

  • Cathodic Protection (including CP Theory & Design Requirements, CP Testing, CP Data Analysis)

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing (including Requirements, Safety, Mediums, Equipment, Test Recording, Analysis & Documentation and Test Failure & Contingency Planning)

  • Inline Inspection Methods (including ILI Standards, ILI Technologies, ILI Data Analysis & Documentation)

  • The API Suite of Standards for Inspectors (including API 570, API 653, API 650, API 571, and API 580)

To learn more about our long-term competency development programmes, or to tailor a programme for your team, contact us at training@aiegroup.org


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