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Permanent Well Plug and Abandonment

24 Nov


Asset Integrity Engineering (AIE) has successfully completed a permanent well plug and abandonment project for one well for, Dana Gas, a client based in the UAE. Well-X offshore in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was permanently plugged and abandoned in Q2 2022.

Asset Integrity Engineering (AIE) was contracted to provide well engineering services and project management for the planning and execution phases.

The plug and abandonment work was executed safely utilising a jackup rig and the operations strictly adhered to the local regulator’s well plug and abandonment manual and standards.


The plug and abandonment project took 67.07 days to complete. Total Non-Productive Time was 51 hours (3.2 %) while Waiting on Weather was 25.5 hours (1.6 %).

Non-Productive Time (NPT) and Waiting on Weather (WOW) Chart


Well-X was a shut-in gas producer and the first objective in delivering the plug and abandonment project was to have zero LTI’s. This objective was successfully met. Additionally, there were zero environmental incidents during the execution of the abandonment project which was also delivered within the required project schedule. Moreover, the technical well abandonment design fully complied with the regulator’s plug and abandonment standards where 5 cement plugs (permanent barriers) have been placed and verified to isolate the main reservoir, hydrocarbon bearing zones, and surface. All casings were cut at planned depths and retrieved, except the 30” conductor as a business decision was made by the management at Dana Gas to leave the 30” conductor in situ because it was not seen to present any well integrity risk and then be removed later in a time and a manner that is operationally efficient and cost effective.


Various challenges were encountered while executing the project, including reservoir pressure depletion, issues with DHSV, unplanned fishing attempts and technical challenges related to casing recovery. AIE ensured there were no well integrity risks by providing suitable solutions to these challenges.


AIE offers experienced project managers and engineers who work closely with customers and third-party personnel to ensure immaculate planning and execution of well abandonment operations. This includes making sure that appropriate contingencies are properly planned and that the required experts and equipment are delivered on time, every time. Our project managers and engineers will develop and adapt individual P&A plans based on your well’s specific operating environment — from subsea installations and offshore platforms (rig-less or with the rig) to onshore well sites.

Asset Integrity Engineering experts can manage your complete project, with a focus on safety and efficiency. Our project management team remain current on all international and local regulatory requirements to ensure complete environmental compliance.

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