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Operationalising Sustainability Data Reporting

15 Mar

With the recent COP26 Climate Summit and the Sixth IPCC Assessment report, addressing environmental concerns and implementing sustainable operations are now critical objectives for the Energy sector.

Energy providers need to adapt due to increasing pressure from stakeholders and public opinion to minimise their environmental impacts. AIE can provide clients with sustainability experts and technologies to integrate sustainability goals into business management practices in an effective and optimal manner.

Alongside our sustainability experts, AIE engages our Veracity software and app to help clients digitalise and operate their sustainability processes.


AIE’s environmental management software, Veracity EMS, provides users with an online platform to store, trend, retrieve and visualise a large variety of environmental monitoring parameters.


Data is fed into the software using our Veracity App.  Analysis is then performed against pre-set monitoring thresholds, and users are notified where excursions exist. Veracity EMS provides multiple reporting options and forms an integral part of the operator’s sustainability management system.


  • Build sustainability management into strategy, policies and objectives taking into consideration the entire value chain
  • Identify sustainable development actions for clients based on regional, industry and business specific issues
  • Implement practical and meaningful integration of sustainability management into business processes, including maintenance and operational management systems
  • Digitalise and Integrate existing Environmental Management Systems
  • Provide sustainability management training programs
  • Provide Veracity EMS, the veracity app and real time monitoring technologies to offer a fully digital solution for our clients

To learn more about our sustainability services, what we offer and how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals, please contact us on info@aiegroup.org

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