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Maintenance Using Veracity App

08 Nov

AIE’s Veracity App provides a digital field reporting solution for online and offline data capture. By replacing pen and paper forms, our Veracity mobile app takes the user through a user friendly and intuitive process to seamlessly execute maintenance tasks.

Using the Veracity App’s geo- tagging and real time navigation, asset data capture has been simplified for the end user. During a CMMS build’s physical verification phase, each of the equipment can be tagged with their coordinates and photos can be taken and stored against the equipment tag using the mobile device which runs the App.

The Veracity App has comprehensive reporting functionality which can be linked to the users’ CMMS with work orders mirrored in the App and all the supporting documents compiled and attached.

Using our App, the end user can record all their findings with images and can close the work order once the task is completed. This reporting can be offline or online based on the availability of network. Offline data captured will automatically sync with the cloud upon availability of network, this ensures no data loss occurs at any stage of performing the maintenance tasks.

Predictive maintenance needs lots of data to be effective. But what type of data? Effectively, whatever data you can collect using sensors placed across critical equipment. These sensors can monitor a range of parameters, including:

  • Temperature: monitoring both device temperatures as well as the ambient air temperature
  • Humidity: checking the function of heating, air vents, and air-conditioning systems, as well as monitoring conditions in hospitals, even meteorological stations
  • Pressure: tracking parameters like water pressure in water systems in case of unexpected fluctuations or sudden drops
  • Vibration: vibration is often the first indication of a fault, so sensors can alert production staff to an impending breakdown

All of these data points can be captured via the ‘watchkeeping’ feature within the Veracity App.

Our app allows data to be captured in a consistent format, validated using value lists linked to specific equipment types, parameters, or operating conditions. This consistency of data capture ensures that the inputs for data analytics are of the highest quality. The high quality and consistent of the input data is key when it comes to data analytics.

Data collected using our Veracity App is synced with the Veracity software which, by using machine reading and Artificial Intelligence provides a range of Analytics which can help optimize and manage your equipment effectively.

Times are changing and traditional way of doing things is no longer economical or efficient. The wave of digitization is here, and our Veracity App is a pioneer in taking maintenance execution into a new age of digital maintenance management.

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