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Spares Optimisation

From our wealth of integrity and maintenance experience, AIE provides clients with a targeted service to ensure equipment spares are accurately recorded, and optimum stock levels are set. Our spares optimisation service is delivered by leading industry experts utilising our in-house software tools to deliver long term savings and a range of benefits for our client’s business.

AIE’s services can be engaged at any stage of an asset life cycle and are demonstrated to deliver results such as:

  • Elimination of duplicate stock items
  • Accurate information to permit efficient stock replenishment
  • Reduced initial expenditure and tied up capital resulting in cost savings
  • Speedy access to spares for maintenance department teams via the client’s CMMS
  • Optimised stocking of expensive “Insurance” Spares leading to reduced unplanned downtime of equipment and loss of production
Spares Optimisation

AIE has the systems and expertise to carry out detailed spares analysis in a thorough and logical fashion. We have in-house data processing techniques to produce final reports and CMMS data upload files to satisfy all possible customer requirements.

Statistics below based on a recent case study

Spares Optimisation
Spares Optimisation