Maintenance System

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Master Equipment List Review & Development

The Master Equipment List is the foundation of a maintenance programme. AIE provides several services to ensure the foundation is strong in order to ensure a successful maintenance programme throughout the lifecycle of our customer’s assets.


The most cost-effective route to ensuring that all your assets are captured into a Master Equipment List is to conduct a verification exercise against controlled documentation and drawings. This will ensure that the Master Equipment List is complete, so that no equipment is missing in the CMMS and therefore all equipment can be considered for preventative maintenance.

This also ensures that failures of equipment are recorded at the relevant level, thus conducting data analytics will return accurate results of reliability, availability, etc. and allow for predictive maintenance techniques to be deployed. This is demonstrated by AIE’s referential integrity triangle.

In the absence of up to date controlled documentation and drawings, AIE offer a physical on-site verification of our client’s assets. AIE often combine both an initial desktop exercise and a site verification in order to ensure the Master Equipment List is as accurate as possible with what equipment is on site. This on-site verification can be conducted via AIE’s Veracity app that has geo-positioning software, which greatly increases the accuracy and reduces the time spent on the verification exercise.

Master Equipment List Review & Development

Functional Hierarchy

Structuring a verified Master Equipment List into functional hierarchies provides a systematic and intuitive approach to viewing and working with pieces of equipment or operating locations within a CMMS. Maintainable packages facilitate efficient maintenance scheduling across all plant disciplines, minimising equipment downtime and maximising technician productivity.

AIE can set the functional hierarchy based on a company standard for consistency across assets. In the event this is not available, AIE will set the functional hierarchy based on international standards and best practices and can develop a methodology detailing this.

Master Equipment List Review & Development

Equipment Classification

Each identified equipment in the Master Equipment List will require to be assigned an appropriate equipment classification.

AIE recommends these assignations to be based on ISO 14224 Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries – Collection and Exchange of Reliability and Maintenance Data for Equipment. These assignations form an integral part of maintenance management and development process utilised by AIE. Accurately assigning equipment classification assists in efficiently and effectively completing the following tasks:

  • Identification of equipment failure modes and interpretation of historical failure data.
  • Assignation of PMRs/PMARs.
  • Determination of applicable Repair Strategy.
  • Analysis of equipment in Maintenance Strategy Development.
  • Specific equipment attributes (technical details).