Maintenance System

Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Metals & Mining, Power & Utilities and Renewables

Maintenance Strategy Review and Development

AIE has an extensive knowledge and library of Maintenance Strategies for an array of equipment types. We also conduct reviews of existing maintenance strategies and programmes with a view to optimising costs and increasing equipment availability.

Original maintenance frequencies are often based on several aspects and have never been reviewed at any point of the life cycle of a facility. The factors can include:

  • OEM recommendations
  • Warranty Considerations
  • Existing Generic Maintenance Strategies

AIE utilise industry standard failure data such as OREDA can provide a sense check against these factors and look to justify maintenance frequencies.

Maintenance Strategy Review and Development

Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA)

AIE believes that all maintenance tasks should be justified, and this is an important aspect of Maintenance Optimisation. A maintenance task providing no value or not mitigating any potential failures is only causing unnecessary technician time which could be better utilised elsewhere. Unnecessary maintenance tasks also increase the possibility of maintenance induced failures and could increase equipment downtime.

With exception of Assurance Activities derived from operational performance standards, AIE produce Failure Modes Effects Analysis with the end goal of justifying all maintenance tasks.

Continuous Improvement

AIE believes the key to continuous improvement is placing an importance on data: how it’s connected; collected; analysed and acting on the analysis results.

Maintenance Strategy Review and Development

The AIE Veracity Software and App can also help accelerate and standardise a more cost-benefit analyses and decision-making that underpin maintenance and reliability activities.

Process digitisation and data-driven analytics will further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of maintenance work. Example applications include tablets or wearable devices for field data entry and retrieval. Digital reporting of equipment condition can allow trending and understanding if certain maintenance tasks can be omitted.

Performing a digital data gap assessment and establishing a digital transformation road map using new and existing technology essential. The implementation of maintenance strategies, a planned maintenance programme, etc. is achieved through AIE’s Veracity Software’s integration with CMMS. Automatically produced CMMS loadsheets can be seamlessly integrated by ensuring Veracity is configured as per client CMMS.

Maintenance Strategy Review and Development