Maintenance System

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Maintenance Gap Assessment

AIE provides maintenance gap assessments which aim to provide an insight into our customers current maintenance practices, documentation, systems and data.

Our gap assessments can be conducted efficiently in order to identify areas of improvement for our customers to drive a range of asset management opportunities and help achieve maintenance excellence. These areas typically identified for improvement following the gap assessment are as follows:

  • Incomplete, inconsistent and incorrect data in Master Equipment List.
  • Equipment Hierarchy not structured in a manner to achieve efficiencies in data analysis, maintenance planning, failure recording, etc.
  • Incorrect maintenance strategy application and lack of documented maintenance strategies.
  • Maintenance tasks not justified.
  • Maintenance frequencies not justified.
  • Bill of Materials not populated, either completely or partly or in an inconsistent manner.

Maintenance Gap Assessment

AIE carried out a maintenance gap assessment for our customer in the Middle-East who had an operating Onshore Gas Facility. This gap assessment identified that the Master Equipment List was incomplete.

AIE then carried out the Verification of this Master Equipment List, which resulted in an increase in size of the Asset Register of 247%, meaning only 29% of their installed equipment were being accounted for in the CMMS. The Master Equipment List was also structured into a functional hierarchy and assigned equipment class codes in line with ISO 14224.

Of the new tags identified, over 3,000 of these were later classified as safety critical and it is imperative that safety critical equipment is maintained in accordance with the assurance activities detailed in the company performance standards as a minimum. This was not being achieved before the gap assessment and subsequent work which was carried out by AIE.