Maintenance and Spares Optimisation

Our maintenance & spare parts optimisation service is delivered by leading industry experts utilising our in-house software tools to deliver long-term savings and a range of benefits for our client’s business.

Our services can be engaged at any stage of an asset life cycle and are demonstrated to deliver results:

  • Cleansed asset & spare parts inventory register with duplicates eliminated
  • Well defined equipment criticality analysis and prioritization helps identify reorder points and safety stock levels
  • Effective spare parts management leading to reduced unplanned downtime of equipment and loss of production by ensuring availability of critical spare parts
  • Optimisation of maintenance strategies & spare parts inventory resulting in a significant reduction of associated maintenance expenditure and inventory costs
  • Accurate & digitized data to permit efficient execution of maintenance work orders and easy stock replenishment
  • Significant cost savings from tied up capital resulting from inventory optimisation of operational spares
  • Clear and achievable performance standards increasing reliability

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