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Maintenance System Build (CMMS)

Asset integrity services in isolation are largely ineffective if not underpinned by a targeted and proactive computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). It is now widely recognized in industry that integrity and maintenance systems are inter-connected and work hand-in-hand to ensure that assets of a facility are operated in a safe and reliable condition.

Oil and gas maintenance system build

AIE is able to provide our clients with a complete maintenance build service solution which links integrity management and maintenance systems together under one umbrella so that both are driven by the asset’s CMMS which contains the preventative maintenance program. This provides a number of tangible benefits, including reduced downtime, across a range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining.

We utilise our CMMS development software to efficiently develop maintenance systems for our clients following a proven and established process. Our software aids in the manipulation of data and provides an efficient and quality controlled platform for the development of the maintenance system, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Asset Maintenance Register Database Build

We are flexible and fully understand the challenges that most clients face when it comes to defining their assets and documenting the specifications for them. We have experience in maintenance build and strategies for both new and aged facilities across a range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining where little data exists, and a site-based verification strategy is required.

In the process of this work we are able to identify various errors in drawings and technical information. Our drafting team ensures that any inaccuracies are communicated clearly to ensure that modifications can be made.

Criticality Analysis, SCE Identification & Performance Standards

Our CMMS development software facilitates criticality analysis which is performed by our experienced maintenance and safety engineers. This analysis is then used to define the equipment’s maintenance strategy and its criticality for integrity and maintainability.

Following our well-trodden approach to SCE identification, our maintenance and integrity specialists define SCE and generate associated performance standards to ensure that the maintenance build is linked to the integrity management system and covers key essential requirements.

Example SCE criticality hierarchy for an Oil and Gas operation:

Oil and gas criticality assessment

Spares Optimisation

From our wealth of integrity and maintenance experience, AIE provides clients with a targeted service to ensure equipment spares are accurately recorded, and optimum stock levels are set. Our spares optimisation service is delivered by leading industry experts utilising our in-house software tools to deliver long term savings and a range of benefits for our client’s business.

AIE’s services can be engaged at any stage of an asset life cycle and are demonstrated to deliver results such as:

  • Reduced initial expenditure and tied up capital resulting in cost savings
  • Accurate information to permit efficient stock replenishment
  • Speedy access to spares for maintenance department teams via the client’s CMMS
  • Elimination of duplicate stock items
  • Optimised stocking of expensive “Insurance” Spares leading to reduced unplanned downtime of equipment and loss of production

AIE has the systems and expertise to carry out detailed spares analysis in a thorough and logical fashion. We have in-house data processing techniques to produce final reports and CMMS data upload files to satisfy all possible customer requirements.

Maintenance Strategy

Developing asset-wide maintenance strategies to cover all maintainable equipment is a sizable undertaking. This varies from strategies for pressure safety valves, flexible hoses, instrument tubing, pipework vibration all the way to planned maintenance requirements to ensure effective integrity management.

AIE consults and offers training on reliability centered maintenance across a range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining.

AIE has developed a comprehensive set of generic maintenance strategies which are based on RCM failure data and our in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve. They offer an efficient approach to maintenance optimization, which redefines the existing strategy to reduce unnecessary maintenance activities and drive value in critical areas, as well as building a maintenance system which can then be tailored to meet the demands of specialized or high criticality equipment.

Centralized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Our CMMS development software and work flow procedures are flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate all our client’s requirements. We are able to implement maintenance builds which are fully compatible with most propriety maintenance software providers for example Maximo, Oracle and SAP.