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Introducing Our Decommissioning Training Course

18 Sep

AIE is thrilled to announce our latest Training Course focused on the intricacies of Cessation of Production and Decommissioning.

As the global oil and gas industry matures, the focus on the decommissioning of facilities and associated industries has intensified among Government Regulators, Tax Authorities, National Oil Companies and International Oil Companies. Decommissioning is set to be a key challenge that the industry must tackle as facilities reach their economic limits.

Our Decommissioning Training Course is designed to equip professionals with invaluable insights, revealing industry-leading practices and providing actionable strategies to effectively decommission a facility. The topics covered in the course include, but are not limited to:

  • Late Life Issues / Considerations

  • Cessation of Production (CoP) Planning

  • Decommissioning Environment and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Project Setup and Execution

  • Project Closeout and Waste Management

Book your slot today and take advantage of the early bird discount today! Contact us at training@aiegroup.org to learn more about the course and to register your interest.

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