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Interested In Safeguarding Assets, People And The Environment?

18 Aug

Introducing the group live training course on Asset Integrity Management-

A 3-day training course designed to provide both theoretical and practical exposure to the foundations of asset integrity management and its implementation. Asset integrity management is the practice of managing and maintaining physical assets) to perform its function efficiently and effectively. This is crucial to ensure a successful and overall safe operation is being maintained.

The course offers a range of topics presented as practical case studies at the end of each module that serve as a self-assessment for delegates. The case studies are then analysed and solved in a discussion-based environment. Modules are delivered over a 3-day period and cover:

  • Asset Integrity Management System Elements- ten constituents of a functioning integrity management system, their history, importance, and methods of implementation
  • Asset Integrity Life Cycle– significance and implementation
  • Asset Integrity Barriers– design, structure, and maintenance requirements
  • Safety Critical Elements & Equipment- identification, verification, performance standards, and significance
  • Asset Degradation and Damage- threats, analysis, identification, and mitigation techniques
  • Operational Corrosion Management- systems, recommended practices and operational requirements
  • Risk Based Inspection- components, benefits, limitations, and step-by-step methodology
  • Pipeline Integrity Management- key threats, and implementation of mitigation actions using a modern risk-based approach
  • Key Performance Indicators- definition and function
  • Integrity and Maintenance Build- key principles
  • Asset Integrity Review Process- methodology, process, analysis of results, and risk profile of the asset.

In addition to gaining hands-on experience, the training course will provide ample opportunity for networking with a variety of influential personnel.

To learn more about our training course, click here.

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