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Importance of Identifying Fugitive Methane Leaks and Using Best Available Technologies

11 Oct

methane reduction

During the extraction, processing and transportation of natural gas, there are often unintentional losses, known as fugitive emissions along the entire value chain. These are most often due to leaks within the process systems.

Along with contributing to global warming, fugitive methane emissions also pose safety concerns; methane is highly flammable and could form explosive mixtures with air. Such fugitive emissions also result in loss of valuable product that could otherwise be sold to consumers [1].

Timely detection and active monitoring of methane leaks are critical steps in decreasing major GHG emissions, improving efficiency, and avoiding financial losses.


Traditionally, oil and gas companies have relied on Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programmes for identifying and plugging methane leaks [2]. These programmes have shown to reduce fugitive emissions, as inspectors typically use a probe to physically inspect, touch and document a component’s leak interface. Despite the apparent benefit, the process is often time, resource, and labour-intensive, and would only be cost effective if affected equipment is concentrated in one facility or area.

AIE has developed a strategy to categorise areas within a facility based on their fugitive emissions potential. Different systems within a facility are categorised as high, medium or low risk based on system criticality; risk drivers that thereby translate to an inspection frequency. This strategy can be used to focus inspection efforts on those targeted high-risk areas and thereby optimising the efforts of the site inspection team.


AIE has a dedicated service capability and expertise to help operators tackle methane emissions, from the leak detection and monitoring of emissions using infra-red imagery, to the development of options and feasibility studies for modifications and projects that reduce emissions. We take a holistic approach to tackle the issue of methane emissions.

Our strategic stepwise solution to emissions reduction consists of:

To know more about the services we offer, please contact us on info@aiegroup.org


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