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Engage Our VeracityApp for Sustainability Data Gathering

24 May

In order to implement an optimum sustainability programme, it is critical to collect and analyse data via the most efficient and effective means possible.

AIE’s VeracityApp offers a digital field reporting solution for online and offline data capture across a range of hazardous industries including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining, Petrochemical etc. The VeracityApp is fully integrated with our VeracityEMS Sustainability Software to deliver a systemic and holistic solution for operators looking to define and operationalise a modern sustainability management system.

At a glance, the VeracityApp offers:

  • Online and offline use
  • Task and activity management
  • Asset register management and update
  • Work scope execution and field inspection reporting
  • Geographic asset, task, and user positioning
  • Ability to record multiple media forms and annotate them in real-time
  • Report review, updates, and approvals
  • Notifications and alerts

The Veracity web software and app address the gaps often encountered between key stages of sustainability cycle. With data available in real-time and on demand, the VeracityApp has shown to optimise reporting quality and efficiency by up to 60%.

To learn more about the VeracityApp, click here.

To book a free demo for VeracityEMS or our other Veracity modules, click here.

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