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‘Energy Connects’ Magazine Features Interview With AIE Sustainability Experts – Bringing Sustainable Operations To The Energy Industry With Methane Reduction

01 Jun

Energy Connects talked to sustainability experts at Asset Integrity Engineering (AIE) regarding sustainable practices in the energy industry and the growing need to reduce Methane emissions.

“Control of methane emissions is getting the much-needed attention it deserves”

The interview touched upon:

  • Why is reduction in Methane emissions so important?
  • Why is the energy industry a key player in helping to address climate change?
  • How is AIE helping clients to reduce and manage methane emissions?
  • Is there an uptake in clients looking to adopt Sustainability practices into their business?
  • What other services does AIE provide in the Sustainability space?

The interview is now featured in Energy Connects Magazine’s May 2022 issue.

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