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Through our collaborative partnerships with our valued clients, we develop a collective ability to discover new insights from client data and formulate new hypotheses for testing. Our solutions are continuously adapted to address evolving business questions and emerging performance trends, ensuring that we improve existing deployed solutions.

At AIE, we possess extensive engineering, data science, and software capabilities, allowing us to deliver end-to-end bespoke solutions. Our services include digital transition assessments, custom developed applications and software, AI model development and deployment, data science and analytics, as well as digital optimization and integration.

With a primary focus on cloud infrastructure, we enable quick model updates, seamless data integrations, and agile dashboard and insights delivery. However, we also provide support for on-premises applications, ensuring flexibility for our clients.

Our ultimate goal in all data science services is to deliver actionable insights. We achieve this through targeted intervention management, predictive risk awareness, and performance behaviour forecasting. Whether you are looking for industrial solutions or seeking data-driven outlooks, AIE is here to help you unlock the full potential of your data.

Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of data-driven success with AIE’s data science services.

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Unlocking the Power of Data:

Building Success Through our Three Pillars

Our Data Services stand tall on three robust pillars: Our exceptional Talent, Our rigorous Process, and Our cutting-edge Technology. These three harmoniously work together to transform data into insights and insights into action.

The Talent

The Talent

At AIE, we are more than just a team; we are a dynamic fusion of backgrounds and cross-industry expertise, wholly committed to tackling engineering challenges. Our singular focus differentiates us from other domains like fintech or social analytics. We begin with an end goal, identify the requirements, formulate a hypothesis, test it rigorously through data science, and remain solution-oriented throughout. Our strength lies in our diversity, and unity propels us towards solutions.

The Process

The Process

Our process, a refined adaptation of the industry standard CRISPDN approach, is firmly rooted in data science methodologies used in aviation to decrease false and missed alarms. With a keen eye for asking pertinent questions and utilizing data sources effectively, we elevate technology and build faster, more precise models. Delivered through an Agile framework, our process remains flexible to new hypotheses and evolving data.

The Technology

The Technology

The Veracity Platform, driven by Veracity Lab, is the digital manifestation of our data science process. The platform delivers vital decision science once the minimum viable solution is achieved. It processes, scores, and infers model results and data science insights, presenting them on easy-to-understand dashboards to augment decision-making abilities.