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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results for 2019

11 Mar

AIE is pleased to announce its 2019 customer satisfaction survey results, a further improvement on our 2018 score. The survey is conducted on an annual basis across all our major Integrity Management Service contracts.

Some of our client responses to the question “How is AIE rated with comparison of other similar companies in this field”:

“AIE manifests competency and talent in the Integrity field in a short period. The way they are developing the business is impressive in terms of digitalizing all the reporting”

“[AIE] have talented engineers with an excellent work ethic, the company is growing and they are committed to deliver”

“AIE continue to develop and evolve as a business. They are able to keep up with our changing requirements and offer a comprehensive engineering and software service”

“AIE offer a more integrated and complete service than any other provider I have previously worked with”

AIE is proud to consistently meet and exceed client expectations. The survey is independently completed by all our clients against a set of 14 different questions covering topics such as value for money, experience of teams, deliverables completed on time, HSE, etc. The questions are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, ranging from 1 “poor” to 5 “excellent”.

The survey is taken seriously and managed stringently in accordance with our ISO 9001 certified quality management system. This survey helps us to maintain and further improve our quality of work and end results for the client.

The graph below communicates our average 2018 and 2019 customer satisfaction results across all major clients we serve.


Our Questions

  • A Team displayed a strong commitment to SHE&Q standards and plans across the project.
  • B Costs were well controlled & appropriately reported.
  • C Planning process demonstrated working systems and sufficient contingency planning.
  • D Scope change process was timely, effective and accurate.
  • E Milestones were achieved on target.
  • F Deliverables and services met expectations.
  • G Client, contractor, supplier, partner interfaces were well-defined and managed.
  • H Right balance of experience and technical competence across the teams.
  • I Team and key players were able to meet the demands of the job.
  • J Proactive approach to adopting improved work process and design methods.
  • K Good rapport between Client and team personnel at all levels.
  • L AIE provided good value for money.
  • M Performance of AIE Staff.
  • N After Sales Services Support.

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