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Committed to Offering Innovative Solutions: AIE Launches Veracity CCM

09 Sep

oil and gas flow assurance consultancyStatistics tell us that corrosion is a multi-billion dollar per year industry-wide threat, responsible for repeated and widespread mechanical integrity failures which have a significant impact on operators around the globe.

Integrity management is a well-documented process that utilises inspection-based techniques to seek out degradation and damage mechanisms that may be lurking within a system, but like many other things, inspection has its limitations which can be interpreted as somewhat “reactive”.

AIE strongly believes that a “proactive”, wholly integrated and systematic approach to corrosion and flow assurance management is exactly what is required for maintaining asset integrity, reliability and safety.

Utilising our wealth of industrial experience and robust investment in predictive technology, we have successfully developed our software, Veracity Corrosion and Chemical Management (CCM).

Providing a holistic approach to corrosion management, Veracity CCM enables operators to manage their key threats more effectively thereby maintaining plant up-time, whilst reducing unplanned maintenance and costly repairs. Veracity CCM will also allow operators to capitalise on the spin-off from the positive impact relating to the economic, environment, health and safety aspects of their business.

corrosion management software

Through integration with digital devices installed on site, Veracity CCM can provide ‘real-time’ visibility on chemical injection rates, wall loss trends and production profiles, allowing operators and asset owners to make data-driven decisions and optimise the overall condition of their plant.

Veracity CCM’s graphics and multi-level reporting capabilities quickly establish transparent lines of communication which can easily develop management’s buy-in and support for future Integrity investment.

corrosion management software

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