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Adoption of SDGs in the UAE and Middle East

Sustainable Development Goals were introduced by the United Nations (UN) in 2015 and consist of 169 specific targets that member states have set out to achieve by 2030. These goals include social, economic, and environmental goals aimed at improving the quality of life across all these sectors in a holistic manner [1]. Within the Middle […]

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Sustainability in the Mining Industry

The mining industry is crucial because it provides all the materials required to shift to a greener economy, from battery technology to solar cells, construction material for dams and hydropower, etc. However, mining can also have significant unfavourable impacts on local and global ecosystems, population, and society, including production of toxic waste, release of acid […]

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Standards for Environmental Performance Reporting

CURRENT INVESTMENTS OF O&G COMPANIES TO GO GREEN The environment, and our impact on it, has been steadily gaining more attention as the effects of climate change become more evident. In addition, with growing emphasis on climate change, the Oil and Gas sector is facing increasing pressure from stakeholders to address their impact on the […]