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Key Points and Benefits of AIE’s New Corrosion Management Training Course

16 Mar


AIE’s Principal Corrosion Engineer will be delivering our new Corrosion Management Training course which will be held from the 3rd till the 5th of October 2017.

Key points and benefits of AIE’s training course are the following:

Aims and outcomes of the corrosion management training course

This course will provide a robust level of general training and information covering a wide range of corrosion mechanisms, corrosion control measures, and corrosion management requirements.

The outcome of attending this course is that the attendees will leave the course with both a robust level of corrosion knowledge and the ability to implement that knowledge within their industry.

Main difference of AIE’s Corrosion Management Training course in comparison to other training courses in the market

Integrity related training courses provided by AIE are based on our in-depth knowledge of the industry and are focused to address the challenges many operators face via modern and effective practices.  This corrosion management training course covers all aspects operators require to manage corrosion, and it is delivered via a defined set of learning modules after which a classroom case study is completed to reinforce learning.

AIE is a highly-respected Asset Integrity Services provider and as such our courses are regularly attended by most leading operators which provides an excellent opportunity for delegates to network and share ideas.

Level of understanding candidates will take away after attending the course

Delegates will be able to understand all aspects of corrosion management including exposure to more advanced and specialized courses on any of the individual areas covered in this training program, such as material selection, cathodic protection, coatings and corrosion management.

This course is intended for

The course is aimed primarily at attendees with an intermediate level of corrosion knowledge. Some familiarity with chemistry, metallurgy and/or engineering would be useful.

As such, it will be useful for graduate or junior engineers who wish to specialize in corrosion or more senior engineers in fields such as integrity, process engineering and operations who wish to strengthen their knowledge base.

The course is not specifically intended for specialists who already have an advanced knowledge of the various aspects of corrosion and material selection, but may be useful for those who wish to broaden their area of expertise or refresh.

The quality of the training course and the method the information available in the training course transmitted to the audience

All the information in this training course has been researched and thoroughly checked and verified.  The information is transmitted to the audience both as presentations and case studies in a proactive and responsive environment. The attendees are encouraged to be active participants and to work together, especially in the case studies.

For more information about our corrosion management training course click here.

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