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Risk Based Inspection

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is a proven methodology used to optimize inspection activities to ensure pressure systems integrity management through a systematic risk analysis. RBI is based on a risk assessment where this risk identifies the safe operating windows for particular process equipment, for example static equipment or pipework, via consideration of the likelihood of failure and consequence of failure.

risk based inspection

Our RBI methodology adheres to international codes and standards, replacing time based inspection with a number of significant advantages:

  • Reduced operational risk
  • Increased plant availability and reduced unplanned outages
  • Consideration of types of degradation and damage mechanisms
  • Optmised inspection and maintenance costs without compromising safety or reliability
  • A flexible technique able to continuously improve and adapt to changing risk environment
  • Inspection techniques and methods clearly defined and based on thorough understanding of potential failure modes

Risk based inspection is however largely misunderstood. In today’s Oil and Gas industry it is often poorly implemented and this greatly reduces its effectiveness. Most integrity service providers sell the technique purely on the capabilities of their own proprietary risk based inspection software and pay little attention to the relevant damage mechanisms in play and the practical / theoretical methodologies of mechanical integrity.

AIE’s materials, inspection and engineering expertise allows us to deliver an RBI that encompasses all the benefits that risk based inspection methodologies can offer.

We Implement Risk based Inspection For:

risk based inspection

Our independent approach means that, unlike our competitors, we are not restricted to a single risk based inspection software and are therefore able to implement the appropriate data to meet our client’s needs. We not only have working relationships with a number of leading RBI software providers but also have considerable experience working with older assets where an existing system simply needs to be updated or modified.

Veracity RBI Software

Veracity RBI software offers a modern and integrated approach for pressure systems risk based inspection. The user-friendly interface provides a common analysis platform resulting in data driven decision making and optimized planning.

Risk based inspection in industry is often poorly implemented, inefficient and unable to keep up with changing process and environmental plant conditions. Case studies completed by AIE for major operators show that instead of optimizing inspection intervals the result of RBI programs has actually in most cases increased inspection costs. Veracity RBI adopts a modern standardized approach which learns from the challenges faced in industry to deliver a modern and optimized solution for our clients business, thus ensuring mechanical integrity of the plant.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Training Courses

Our course delivers a qualified description of the different disciplines involved in RBI, ranging from material selection and operating conditions to understanding the current and future degradation mechanisms of an asset. It includes integrated worked examples of actual RBI assessments.

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