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AIE’s Spares Optimisation Service

12 Dec

From our wealth of integrity and maintenance experience, AIE provides clients with a targeted service to ensure equipment spares are accurately recorded and optimum stock levels are set. Our spares optimisation service is delivered by leading industry experts utilising our in-house software tools to deliver long term savings and a range of benefits for our client’s business.

Best practice is to start work early in a project if clients truly want to realise optimal stockholding of spares. However, our services can also be engaged at any stage of an asset life cycle and are demonstrated to deliver results:

  • Reduced initial expenditure and tied up capital – The 2-year operational spares recommended by your suppliers is often much more than you need to stock
  • Accurate information to permit efficient stock replenishment
  • Speedy access to spares for maintenance teams via a CMMS
  • Elimination of duplicate stock items
  • Optimised stocking of expensive “Insurance” Spares

Our Structured Methodology and Software Tools

AIE follows a structured and systematic process which is demonstrated to deliver long term savings and a range of benefits for our client’s business:

  • Obtain comprehensive spares lists from suppliers in a format that illustrates interchangeability
  • Upload the information into AIE’s software tools
  • Cleanse any duplicates (there are always many of these!)
  • Standardise description formats (“Bearing, Ball…” not “Ball bearing…”)
  • Identify high cost “Insurance” items for Economic Optimisation
  • Set Min/Max stock levels taking equipment criticality into account
  • Create Equipment “Bills of Materials”
  • Agree and Test CMMS upload data files
  • Review recommendations and upload to CMMS

AIE has the systems and expertise to carry out detailed spares analysis in a thorough and logical fashion. We have in-house data processing techniques to produce final reports and CMMS data upload files to satisfy all possible customer requirements.

Please get in touch with AIE’s experts to know more about our services and how we can help you by visiting our contact us page and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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