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AIE’s Commitment to the Training and Development of Local Talent

12 Oct

AIE was recently invited by the American University of Sharjah (AUS) to deliver a webinar to the enrolled and graduating students on the optimal recovery strategies to reset business following the COVID-19 crisis.

The webinar was delivered by Neil Flemming, Managing Director at AIE, and Omar El Sheikh, Senior Integrity Engineer, who is also an AUS Alumnus (Class of Spring 2013).

The webinar provided a structured and clear framework on how businesses can shift from uncertain operations to a forward-looking and coherent operational excellence plan.

It was a great opportunity for the attendees to learn how businesses and operators are adapting their operations to smoothly reset, rebuild and rescale their operations to a more efficient, resilient and cost-effective model that will deliver long-term business performance improvements.

This session provided an opportunity for graduating students to establish realistic expectations for employment, work environment and career path development in a business following the COVID-19 pandemic.

AIE is a major supporter of the AUS programs and have presented various other seminars in the past for the enrolled students. AIE also employs a number of high performing Engineering AUS graduates who are now excelling within the industry.

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