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AIE visits American University of Sharjah

26 Feb

In November 2017, AIE was invited by the American University of Sharjah (AUS) to deliver educational sessions to senior year chemical engineering students.

Two lectures were held, one of which was delivered by AIE’s Principal Corrosion Engineer while the other was presented by a young Corrosion Engineer, an AUS Alumna of Class Spring 2014.

The lectures provided an overview of AIE’s business scope, capabilities and the different aspects of AIE’s corrosion management and flow assurance services. The framework, key principles and methods of operational corrosion management along with the challenges faced in implementing a successful corrosion management system were presented and discussed with the students. The sessions included a problem-based approach where each topic was illustrated through an interactive and engaging case study, which allowed students to work in teams.

These sessions provided an opportunity to graduating students to establish realistic expectations related to employment, the work environment and career path development in corrosion engineering.

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