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AIE Successfully optimises the Spares inventory of a newly commissioned gas plant by 30%

26 Oct

spares and maintenance optimisaton

AIE recently completed a strategic project for an onshore MENA client in which we were able to successfully revise and optimise their complete spares inventory for a newly commissioned gas plant, whilst re-defining their technical assurance and maintenance management systems. The following were the main outcomes achieved from the project:

  • Performed data cleansing and ease of data upload into clients CMMS
  • Reduced spares inventory & cost implications by eliminating duplicates
  • Developed a comprehensive & optimised spare parts list
  • Reduced equipment downtime and loss of production by ensuring necessary spares are in stock and setup minimum / maximum levels for critical inventory
  • Increased stock quantities of low-cost spares to reduce the long-term logistical & shipping cost implication

Data was analysed and manipulated using our inhouse software Veracity. Post optimisation, the project was successful in achieving a 29.2% savings in tied-up capital. This work was only a part of a wider operational excellence road map delivered by AIE.

veracity app

Maintenance systems are currently ripe for optimisation and innovation. Covid-19 has created significant maintenance backlog and execution challenges. Our maintenance & spares optimisation service is delivered by leading industry experts utilising our in-house software tools to deliver long-term savings and a range of benefits for our clients’ business.

AIE has successfully worked with major operators in regulated and non-regulated jurisdictions to achieve their objectives with demonstrable results. Our services can be engaged at any stage of an asset life cycle and are demonstrated to deliver results

For more information on how you can optimise your spares & maintenance system, please visit our website  or contact us on info@aiegroup.org

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