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AIE Launches Sustainability Services

02 Sep

sustainability services

AIE is proud to announce the launch of our new service line – Sustainability Services – which will complement our existing operational management and Integrity offering. Utilising our core strengths and industry knowledge we will support companies within the energy sector towards achieving more responsible and sustainable operations.

The world is in the midst of an energy transition driven by coordinated global efforts to address climate change.  AIE has always been passionate about supporting clients to deliver safe, responsible and reliable operations. As a progressive company, it is a natural step to expand into Sustainability Services and deliver for clients’ meaningful improvements in: lowering their emissions, identifying opportunities, lowering risks, and playing an active role in the global energy transition.

AIE has extensive experience working with heavy industry across the MENA region in countries such as the UAE, Oman, Algeria, Qatar, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. This regional knowledge coupled with our deep technical and software expertise puts AIE in a unique position to work with clients to develop and deliver sustainable solutions.

The initial range of sustainability services that AIE is offering are summarised below:

‘Methane Emissions Detection and Reduction’ service is an example where AIE can utilize their technical expertize to support clients reduce their emissions in an area which has historically not gained as much attention as CO2 emissions. Methane emissions can be difficult to monitor but many estimates suggest that it makes up more than 15% of all manmade Greenhouse Gas emissions.  Within the last 12 months, a large number of oil and gas Majors have committed to a coordinated effort to tackle methane emissions and the AIE service will support companies who are looking to take action.

Neil Flemming, Managing Director at AIE, commented:

AIE remains at the forefront of the changes taking place in the energy industry.  Our technical expertise, software and evaluation tools are the perfect combination to help define and operationalise sustainability into our client’s business.  We already have significant experience and exposure in this area although we wanted to re-brand this as a standalone service offering that AIE provides

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