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AIE launches its next generation Pipeline Integrity Management Software – Veracity Pipeline

10 Jun


AIE, a leading pipeline integrity management service provider, is pleased to announce the launch of our latest version of Veracity pipeline integrity management software which adopts the latest technology and creates a more user friendly and comprehensive framework for implementing our established pipeline integrity risk assessment methodologies in the Oil and Gas, Power Generation & Nuclear industries.

Veracity Pipeline integrity management software allows operators to efficiently manage the integrity of their pipelines through its data management, risk assessment, threat mitigation, integrity planning and integrity assessment features. The software provides operators with a user-friendly and systematic approach to Pipeline Integrity Management which is fully compliant with industry codes and best practice engineering standards.


Dave Pitt, Principal Pipeline Engineer at Asset Integrity Engineering commented:

“Veracity provides an easy, efficient means of managing pipeline integrity through an intuitive GUI. A pleasure to use.”

The growing awareness of the significance of integrity management in the oil and gas industry has spawned the demand for management systems to control the frequent changes pipelines undergo. Building on these demands, AIE’s Veracity Pipeline integrity management software geographically presents the pipeline and the risks associated with it whilst securely managing key integrity data and aligning mitigation actions to real time risk values.

The software can be used to manage both onshore and offshore pipeline systems and can accommodate all types of product service. It provides cross platform and role based accessibility, data management and event logging features, trending, analysis options, visual representation, geographical positioning preferences, risk analysis, assessment tools, planning, inspection management and multiple reporting features.

AIE provides in-house training courses to cover the use of the software and to make sure users understand its full capability and how it should be setup and maintained for maximum effect.

Our established pipeline Integrity management training course is also available to complement the integrity management software and reinforce to delegates the background knowledge and engineering methodologies which make up modern risk based Pipeline Integrity Management systems.

For more information on Veracity-Pipeline click here

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